Virginia information bulletin: One of the nation’s largest showing of 2nd amendment support will be commencing on January 20th, 2020.

The CLI is providing information and support on the upcoming rally.

This document should be reviewed carefully and with full attention by anyone attending as well as fellow patriot groups. Mark Herring VA AG Opinion



2nd Jan- VA NG General addresses Govenor’s Gun grab & more Virginia National Guard Adjutant General addresses the talk of utilizing the VA National Guard to police upcoming legislation. He neither confirms nor denies his position on the subject. Jared, the host, also covers what to expect for those attending the rally.

8th Jan- New VA bills coming up, HB 961 and HB899 have been prefiled, covering a proposed ban on lead-free ammo, as well as more bans on magazines, silencers, and bump stocks. Here’s a previous video on VA status update from a few days earlier.

VA governor is seeking $6.8 million to hire anti-constitution officers to enforce his upcoming legislation, which is unconstitutional and hasn’t even been voted on yet.

10th Jan- VA govenor and legislators have pushed through a gun-free zone for the capitol grounds, and several government buildings. Update to this video, capitol grounds are still free land and NOT a gun-free zone, yet.

11th Jan- VA anti Gun Bills are being voted for on the 13th, a much more important date then the 20th. If you are able to travel to VA on Monday the 13th, your time is better spent and at a time more critical then the 20th!

13th Jan- VA update with Erich Pratt of GOA

14th Jan- Follow the money to see how VA has got to the point it’s at today. Then have a look at how Virginia may be taken into the arms of their constitution-loving neighbors in West Virginia, leaving the tyrannical rule of Virginia state leaders.

15th Jan- VA governor is banning guns on capitol grounds today by declaring a temporary emergency. Now the governor is pushing his party to revoke reciprocity with other states carry permits in HB569. This will affect anyone looking to travel to/through VA while carrying if it’s passed.

16th Jan- VA governor facing lawsuit for declaring unjustified emergency that banned firearms from capitol buildings.

17th Jan- Appeal at VA state supreme court by GOA and VCDL on unconstitutional firearm ban on capitol grounds shot down. Nonviolent noncompliance is being advocated by a few sources, good judgement must be applied if you decide to follow that advice.

18th Jan- You may be held as domestic terrorist in VA, IMPORTANT UPDATE and warnings from senator Amanda Chase of VA! The importance of NOT being construed as a militia has proven as a correct assumption, and the severity has just gone up 10 fold!!

19th Jan- VCDL update Lobby Day eve

Event will be broadcasted live on 1140am or 96.1 FM

You may have noticed the map has changed. This is the original posted picture.


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