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Carlisle, US

We are the living, breathing, operational element of the 2nd Amendment as defined by the signers of the constitution of the United States as “a well regulated militia.” What defines us is the brainchild of the great Benjamin Franklin, who in 1747 conceived the notion of developing a private volunteer militia system as a defense for the colonists, and those on the frontier. Many citizens at the time felt neglected with the lack of security provided by Britain; who at the time was embroiled in power struggles with multiple continental European nations; therefore leaving the frontier and the colonies virtually defenseless.

Times, they never really change, history tends to repeat itself.

We live in a time now that seems uncertain, unsafe, and unpredictable. Because of this, we tend to keep to ourselves, knowing very little of our own neighbors, hesitant to open-up or help out as this could put us and our families in harm’s way. We live in a time where we as citizens are apprehensive, even afraid, of our uniformed officers. We’re doubtful and suspicious of our local elected officials. We’re convinced that our leaders do not have our best interests, our families and livelihoods, in mind as they make decisions that effect every aspect of our daily lives. We live in a time where our open arms to the world and it’s many peoples and cultures invites risk and harm to our own. We therefore live in a time where it’s our personal and civic duty to stand up for what’s right, and protect what matters most.

Carlisle Light Infantry has been founded and organized with community and families as the heart of its purpose. Our goal is to create security for our families and our communities, as well as helping serve wherever we are needed, and for whatever purpose we can lend our hands. We will do so with honor and dependability, no matter who the adversary or what the circumstance, we vow to stand with our communities in the preservation of peace, to help in the wake of tragedy, and to build a stronger unity utilizing our services.

We intend to work with local law enforcement, not against, in securing our goals. We are not against our nation, our government, or our local law any more than we are our own communities. We recognize the difficulties these times present in maintaining order and vigilance with the growing number of diverse people who reside within our communities. We understand that the government, the military, and local law enforcement are manned by individuals just like ourselves, and that some of our own come from these branches. The far majority of our enlistees are ex-military. Some are active still, and some of us are currently employed with local, state, and federal government. The brave and dedicated women and men who serve this infantry know that the government, both local and federal, are not the enemy – for they stand among us, with us. Our goal is to create security and unity for our communities, not to stand against our great nation.

Much like the great armed forces of this country, we in the CLI are of many backgrounds, beliefs, nationalities, religions, and political affiliations. We do not, and will not, discriminate against anyone. We have not assembled to push an agenda or persuade individuals into any ideologies. We do not associate ourselves with unlawful or unsafe practices, and we will not put lives in danger – neither physically nor mentally. We are not here to combat theoretical threats, nor are we here to promote fear mongering.

Carlisle Light Infantry consists of mothers, sons, fathers, daughters, brothers, sisters, neighbors, and coworkers. We are men and women ready to prepare, protect, and defend our security and our livelihoods. We are ready to take responsibility for our own futures, and take care of our own communities. We have pledged to sacrifice our time and efforts for the greater good of those around us, and to help support the men and women who already bravely protect our families.

It is through communication and preparation that we, the people, can ensure a better environment.

It is through training and involvement that we, the citizens of our great nation, can build a stronger community.

It is through organization and service that we, the members of Carlisle Light Infantry, will secure a safer future.